Stop It! The Lord of the Rings Could Become a TV series

The Lord of the Rings is the ultimate fantastic epic of our contemporary literature and its film adaptation, by Peter Jackson, is for his part a masterpiece of fantasy cinema. Is there a need to re-adapt the book to a film format? Personally, I don’t think so, but Amazon and Warner Bros. They think the opposite.

Apparently, both companies would be in negotiations to adapt the three iconic novels of J. R. R. Tolkien to television format. The previous success of Game of Thrones, another great epic saga turned into a series, seems to have been the trigger for the interest of both companies in adapting The Lord of the Rings to television.

It should be noted that so far there is no signed contract, although the intention of both parties exists and at any time could become reality. The bad reception of the fanatics in front of the saga of the Hobbit is surely one of the triggers of Warner Bros. ‘s intent, who in turn just this year were able to rectify the legal litigation with Tolkien’s heirs. On the other hand, the films of the trilogy The Lord of the Rings were so excellent that we find it hard to imagine a different adaptation.

Pros and cons of TV adaptation

The possible adaptation of The Lord of the Rings to television has positive and other negative aspects. Within the first, the TV serial format provides the possibility to explain and represent every aspect and situation of the book at its highest level of detail.

I mean, they could appear all the moments and characters eliminated from the film adaptation for time reasons, like seeing the great Tom Bombadil in action or the battle to retake control of the Shire after the Gesta of Frodo and Sam and the destruction of the ring in the M Onte of Destiny.

All this as long as production is responsible for respecting the essence of the book, of course.

As for unfortunate aspects, the most visible and marked is the temporary closeness with the trilogy of films of Peter Jackson, a remake — even if it is television — sounds good to first as a gamble as risky as unnecessary.

It will be really hard to see a Frodo other than Elijah Wood or a Aragon other than Viggo Mortensen.

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