Selection of Books and Stories for Children (5 to 8 Years Old)

We continue with the compilation of tales by age. I’ve already talked about tips for choosing a good children’s and youth book and collected more concrete ideas and stories for babies from 0 to 2 years, children from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 5 years. I also shared our first chapter books and the perfect time to start with them.

So today it’s time to talk some books and stories for the age of 5 to 8 years. This is a somewhat complicated age band, because children begin to read independently but there are many differences between them. In addition their understanding is more advanced than their reading skills.

Some 6-year-olds already know how to read fluently, others will take a long time. The key is to adapt to each child to find books that motivate him without being too complicated or too simple for him. That’s why you have to take into account your interests and tastes, but also your reader level, your maturity and your concerns.

Above all, in no case stop sharing readings with them and read aloud, even if they are able to read alone. It has been shown that stopping reading is one of the factors that makes children abandon reading.

Requirements for a good book from 5 to 8 years:

If we are looking for a book to start reading independently, we should look for books that are easy to read and with vocabulary known to the child.

We must also select readings with a level higher than the reading capacity of the child, to read US aloud and allow it to grow as a reader and expand its vocabulary, because its reading comprehension is more advanced than its dominance of the Reading.

It is a good time for books with chapters, there are several themes (mystery, sports, Adventures, Friends, …) and for different levels readers. But they must be even with a combination of text and quite enlightenment. Here you can see the ones we liked most at home.

Don’t forget the Illustrated album, you can still make a lot of profit. The detailed images give a lot of foot to interpret, describe what happens, imagine, discover details, decipher meanings, converse with the adult, …

They usually empathize and identify much with the protagonists of the stories, so we can use the readings to overcome fears, learn values, …

Fantasy books usually work very well and allow them to develop their imagination and creativity.

They are also a good option the realistic stories where they deal with conflicting situations from irony and humour.

The comic tends to attract them a lot, as well as the books of humour.

It is a good time for informative books that can satisfy your curiosity for topics that interest you.

Selection of books from 5 to 8 years:
1. “All monsters are afraid of the dark,” Michaël Escoffier and Kris Di Giacomo, ed. Kókinos (+ 5 years): In this story are the monsters who are afraid of the dark, so much that they weep, tremble, shout and hide, but only manage to scare even more. The only way to reassure them is to understand them, to share them and to tell them a story, they are like children! Very funny.

2. “The Grúfalo. Book with Sounds “, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffer, ed. Bruño (+ 5 years): New edition of this famous book, this time with sounds and many surprises. An essential book with some very astute characters who love all the children.

3. “Butterfly ears”, Luisa Aguilar and André Neves, ed. Kalandraka (+ 5 years): Mara has big ears and that provokes mockery and bromaspor part of his companions. But she you how to cope with humour and wit. A book on self-esteem and to work empathy, ideal for these ages.

4. “I’m going to Comedte!”, Jean Marc DeRouen and Laure du Faÿ, ed. Kókinos (+ 5 years): A Wolf “bad”, hungry and who does not know how to pronounce the “R” try to find something to eat in the forest. Will you get it? A fun book with a very original graphic proposal.

5. “Endless Thread”, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen, ed. Youth (+ 5 years): This is a beautiful story full of tenderness and magic, which contains many values and invites us to a beautiful reflection: the joy is not in something that can be bought or “borrowed” (like a box of Hil (OS), but it is inside each one. I’ll leave your review.

6. “Raccoon wants to be the first”, Susanna Isern and Leire Salaberria, NubeOcho editions (+ 5 years): Raccoon has a little problem: is very very competitive, always wants to be the first in everything and strives a lot to get it. But one day the Fox and Raccoon appears is no longer the first in all and that makes you feel a lot of anger and sadness. But thanks to your friend Pato, you will discover that there are other things to part of being the first. Very highly recommended.
7. Collection “Illustrated Inventories”, ed. Kalandraka (+ 6 years): They are like catalogues of animals and/or plants where with a very simple vocabulary detail general characteristics of these species and some other interesting fact Ideal for explorers, Little curious and animal and nature lovers. There are several titles and in the web of the publisher you can see a little of its interior and download a PDF of description.

8. “The crocodile who did not like Water”, Gemma Merino, ed. Naughty (+ 5 years): The peculiar crocodile protagonist does not like swimming, unlike all his friends. That makes him feel very lonely: He also wants to have fun as the rest. So it makes an effort and bathes, but then it catches so much cold and sneezes so strong that it comes fire by the nose!. What if it’s not a crocodile? What if it’s a dragon?

9. “My Robots in Pijanarama”, Michael LeBlond and Federique Bertrand, ed. Kalandraka (+ 5 years): This book will surprise small and not so small. It’s activities, to design robots. The incredible thing is that with the magic film attached to these creations come alive as magic. The plastic is placed grated on top of the pages and moves slowly from one side to the other, then creates an optical effect and it seems that the characters move. Very highly recommended.

10. “I have not been invited to birthday”, Susanna Isern and Adolfo Serra, NubeOcho editions (+ 5 years): When leaving class are all rowdy, there is a birthday and all go. Well, everyone but Marc, who’s not invited. He’s lonely and sad in the park. But soon you will discover that this is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a great adventure! The fabulous illustrations. 100% recommended. We love it!

11. “Collection Once Upon a Time”, Belén Gauces and Pablo Macias, ed. Four Nuts (+ 5 years): Collection of modernized Classic tales, where the histories are in essence those of always but free of sexism, inequality and violence. There are already nine titles. In Castilian, Catalan, Euskera and Galician. Highly recommended.

12. “This is my Heart”, Jo Witek and Christine Roussey, ed. Beaker (+ 5 years): Beautiful illustrated album for children to recognize their feelings and emotions in all their forms and all their colors. With a heart punched in the middle, the book is original, fresh and I like it because it invites the reader to talk about what he feels.

13. Collection “Agus and the Monsters”, Jaume copons and Liliana Fortuny, ed. Combel (+ 5 years): Agus, is a normal boy, his life was like that of any child of his age, until one day everything changed with the sudden appearance of Mr. Flat and other monsters who were expelled from A book by an evil character. Lots of tangles, humor and fun adventures. Great as first books with chapters.

14. Comics “Superpotato”, Artur Díaz martínes and Maximiliano Luchini, collection Mammoth + 6, Bang Ediciones (+ 6 years): A great comic book collection to start the little ones in this literary genéro because they are specially designed for them. Those starring in this character are especially fun, but they have more.

15. “Lion of Library”, Michelle Knudsen and Kevin Hawkes, ed. Ekaré (+ 6 years): A lion enjoys going to the library but everything becomes complicated when one day, by special circumstances, the rules must be skipped. About friendship, coexistence and the wonderful world of libraries.

16. Collection “The Witch Brunhild”, Valerie Tomas and Korky Paul, Blume editions (+ 6 years): There are two formats: in chapter book version (with more text) and illustrated album version (with comic touches). About a very funny witch who always makes enchanters with unexpected results, so usually ends in situations quite crazy and hilarious.

17. “The girl who lived in the castle inside the museum”, Kate Berheimer and Nicoletta Ceccoli, ed. Naughty (+ 6 years): A fairly original fairy tale, with dreamlike touches, full of imagination and fantasy. A girl lives in a castle, the castle is inside a glass globe and this one, in turn, inside a museum.

18. “Atlas of the world.” An unusual journey through the thousand curiosities and Wonders of the World, Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliski, ed. Maeva Young (+ 6-7 years): A wonderful Atlas in a luxury edition, with 55 maps on double page full of details of the people, the customs, the animals, the flora and The fauna, … Essential (although many countries are missing).

19. “If you have a Father magician”, Gabriela Keselman, Steamboat, ed. SM (+ 6-7 years): All collection of the steamboat White series are phenomenal as first nocandles. Then depending on the child you can continue with the Blue Series or orange. This particular we like very much.

20. “Stories Of Mice”, Arnold Lobel, ed. Kalandraka (+ 7 years): an essential classic. Seven stories starring mice ideal for before bedtime. With simple but fun texts and illustrations for the little ones to learn to read. You can see the first story on the publisher’s website.

22. “The day mom lost Patience”, Belén Gopegui and Carlos Cubeiro, steamboat ed. SM (+ 7-8 years): With humor and fantasy this novel treats issues such as empathy or patience. Patience like the one who has lost Mariú ‘s mother, who together with the fairy Lia, will try to find her in a wonderful adventure in the world of Dreams.

23. “Charlie and the Cochola factory.” Pop-up, Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake, ed. Combel (+ 7 years): It is an excellent age to begin introducing children into the fantastic world of Roald Dahl. Any of his novels is a good choice. I have chosen this and in the pop-up version that is a marvel and is more suitable for all levels.

Is your child between 5 and 8 years old?, what is your favorite book? I’d love to know! Good readings;)

If you want to buy one of these books, I recommend you go to your trusted bookstore, there you will find them all, or you will be delighted. If that is not possible, clicking on the title of the book you will access the Affiliate links of the blog (Amazon). What is that? You’ll pay exactly the same and I’ll receive a small commission that will help me continue this project. Thanks in advance! ***

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