Marvel Comics: It’s 17 Most Important Urban Heroes

Marvel Comics has many urban heroes: Daredevil, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Punisher… We review the 17 most important of these vigilantes in the following list.

One of the most important sub-genres of superhero comics is precisely that of the vigilantes, the urban heroes that endowed (or not) of some power or ability are dedicated to fight against the organized crime (or not) to foot of street (or at the top of a RASCAC Ielos). In this field Marvel comics is no exception, having developed a large gallery of urban heroes with which to populate thousands and thousands of pages of their titles. Many of these, in fact, are the protagonists of many adult character stories, usually contained in the MAX and/or Marvel Knights stamps.

As it could not be otherwise, we will go over the main heroes of the House of Ideas that are characterized by that most of their adventures are developed far from cosmic, magical or apocalyptic conflicts, having to save the day in a regular, facing crime lords, murderers and thieves. Many of them, surely, you will already. Some, instead, you’ve never even heard of them.

1. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most battered characters by scriptwriters throughout his more than fifty years of life. All you need to do is take a look at his most important moments to realize that Spidey is the boxing bag of Marvel. In any case, besides being the most profitable hero of Marvel, it is also one whose adventures, for the most part, have been based on the fight against urban super-criminals and great crime lords. However, we nuance, in recent times, after Secret Wars 2015, The Adventures of Spider-Man have become of action cut, emulating the classic stage of Iron Man.

2. Daredevil

The fearless man left us breathless in the first season of Daredevil on Netflix and no longer talk about the second. “DD” is possible the most important urban superhero Marvel, even though in the 70 was falling layer. At least until Frank Miller took it in the early 80 and ascended it to Olympus with Born Again. It should also be noted that since then the Daredevil reading has been normally recommended to adult readers.

3. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is the creature of Brian Michael Bendis who retconeó much of the continuity of Marvel with his comic series Alias. This detective with bad fleas and superpowers has become an icon of the 2000, which led her to have her own series on Netflix. It is worth noting that he was born as a character with hard frames, dedicated to a larger audience, before ending up gravitated towards the Avengers, with his husband and father of his daughter: Luke Cage.

4. Punisher

It is not one of the most powerful beings in the universe of Marvel comics. But it might as well be. The Punisher (or Punisher, according to more modern translations) is one of the most evil beasts and comic books. Originally presented as a Spider-man antagonist during the 70, Frank Castle ended up exercising the role of anti-hero and recurring challenger of Daredevil, as well as Cojonera fly from the super heroic community. If we say that is the terror of the Mafia and the Maggia, we were short. His latest adaptation to audiovisual media, embodied by Jon Bernthal, has been applauded after his passage through the Netflix series of Daredevil. So much that in a while we will see him starring his own TV series.

5. Elektra

Although he was presented as an antagonist and antiheroine in Daredevil, created by Frank Miller in his stage with Klaus Janson, Elektra became also a kind of heroin, despite its dark side. Although for dark and murky, more the second than the first, the film was held in the last decade as a spin-off of the Affleck Daredevil, with Jennifer Garner as Elektra.

6. Luke Cage

The first African-American superhero to have his own head is also one of the great “Supers” on the street was Luke Cage, whose history you can read here, at the time, Luke Cage represented the African American community of New York, sensitizing the Readers about the problems of the ghettos. In the upcoming Netflix Real action series, Mike Colter will play the starring role of Luke Cage, who debuted on TV during the Jessica Jones series.

7. Iron Fist

Another urban hero will have Netflix’s own series, played by Finn Jones (Loras in Game of Thrones). Iron Fist (or Iron Fist) is a character born of the exploitation of the genre of martial arts back in the years 70. It is the possessor of the secret technique of martial arts that gives him name. He is an expert martial artist, able to make his fist acquire the density and resistance of iron, besides possessing some ancient technique. He has usually been associated with Luke Cage, as well as being a member of the Avengers during the events of fear incarnate.
8. Poison

Spider-Man’s symbiote has sometimes been a hero and anti-hero, even though he has usually opted for the dark side. Eddie Brock, his classic port, acted as a vigilante and lethal Protector of San Francisco after making peace “temporarily with Spider-Man.” A run-in at the end of the 90 would return him to his role as villain, before Mac Gargan “The Scorpion”, became Osborn’s venom. Later, Flash Thompson, the molester who messed with Peter before becoming a friend of this, would do with him, redeeming the symbiote until they both became a space knight. But that, friends, is already another story…

9. Hellcat

Hellcat (or Infernal cat) is the alias of Patsy Walker, a teen-oriented romantic comic book character that was published in the 50 years. In the decade of the 70 Steve Englehart rescued her and later, after breaking a marriage without a future and engaging romantically with some heroes, became a heroine more. Patsy has some supernatural powers and melee training. The latter has only transcended in the series of Jessica Jones, where a version of this character replaces Captain Marvel as a friend of Jessica’s soul.

10. Coat and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger (Cloak & Dagger) are a duo that will also have their own series and landed in Marvel back in 1982. It is a couple of lovers who were the victim of a strange drug that made them co-dependent on each other, them at the same time of powers that respectively are tuned with the light and the darkness. Their plots, usually, focused on the fight of these two against drug lords and narco-traffickers, instead of showing recurrent supervillains.

11. Blade

Even if you don’t believe it, when Blade appeared in the 70, it didn’t look like Wesley snipes. Not only did he carry some pretty quirky paramilitaries, but he also wore a no less striking Afro hairstyle, very different from that of the film that made him mainstream.

12. Luna Knight

One of Marvel’s most “handicapped” superheroes. This “champion” of an Egyptian moon God who looks suspiciously like Batman, is a classic Marvel character. Dressed in white, the knight wields as avenging vigilante in the name of the Khonshu God. In addition to being a lethal melee fighter and having military training, the moon affects our “hero”, giving of greater physics depending on its phase. It goes without saying that we are faced with a deranged character and diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. to tremble!

13. Miles Morales-Spider-Man

When on the Ultimate line (an alternate universe of Marvel, based on what their characters would be like if they had started at the beginning of the 2000) Peter Parker died, leaving this orphan universe of his Spider-man, quickly emerged a replacement: Miles Morales, a Boy son of Latino and African-American parents, with powers similar to those of Parker. Thanks to Miles, the Ultimate line managed to hold and remain published until Secret Wars 2015. However, Miles did not disappear, instead, he joined the new Marvel continuity, being Marvel’s “Spider-man Urbano,” while Peter fights for his company and his inventions.

14. Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan became Miss Marvel in 2014, adopting the previous alias of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, who is her idol. This Ms. Marvel is an adventurous adolescent, polyform and with the ability to alter the density of her body. Because its power is due to the terrigenous mists, it is considered inhumane, which is not mutant. Kamala is one of the few Muslim heroines of the comic, and currently has a high degree of acceptance among the reading community, thanks to the enormous quality of its comics. It is also said that it will be in the series of the New Warriors.

15. White Tiger

Hector Ayala was the first white tiger (or White tiger). He was a neighborhood able to become a tiger and fight using overwhelming Kung fu techniques. Upon his death, after being falsely accused of murder and shot when he was fleeing, he was followed by two surrogates. Her niece, Angela Del Toro, would take the name time after. Today it is about Ava, Hector’s little sister who holds the title. It is noteworthy that the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man shows a younger version of Angela among the friends who surround the Spider-Man who stars in this program.

16. Spider-Gwen

Not a What if …? But case. Spider-Gwen is the popular name of the Gwen Stacy of Another world, in which the sting of the radioactive spider I take it the girl and not Peter Parker. Under the name of Spider-Woman, Gwen must deal with problems very similar to those of the original Spider-Man, as we tell you in his review.

17. Shang-Chi

As a fist of iron and White tiger, Shang-Chi was a creature born in the heat of the fury of the martial arts Cinema of the 70. Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu was a story that focused on the son of Archivillano Fu-Man-Chu, who had just betrayed his father in favor of his western enemies, becoming a hero who was fighting crime thanks to his mastery of Kung Fu. It should be noted that its origin was rectonearía after Marvel lost the rights to Fu-Man-Chu. Moreover, more recently he acquired cosmic powers that allowed him to double, creating doubles of himself.

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