Learn 10 of the Most Important Comics of the 90

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The 90 were a somewhat controversial time for the world of comics, because many insist that their quality was not the best, although it was the decade when more copies were sold.

However, the impact of the editions that emerged at the time has been one of the greatest influences of the pop culture of the new millennium, especially from the perspective of the superhero cinema.

According to Andrés Miranda de Geekfiltrados, between 1990 and 1999, companies like DC and Marvel, had a new apogee leveraged by marketing, which were included from action figures, to animated series.

So today we present 10 of the most important and influential comic series of the last decade of the last century, which have been of great relevance in the culture of the new millennium.

10-) Sin City (1991)

Frank Miller’s masterpiece was published between 1991 and the year 2000, and reflects a city full of corruption, as a critique of modern society that the artist wants to capture. Due to its popularity, two adaptations have been made for the cinema.

(9-) Thunderbolts (1997)

Based on the group of Villains who decide to become superheroes and published by Marvel Comics, over the years it has proven to be one of the best elaborate comics in terms of plot and twists of history.

😎 Deadpool (1997)

Loved by many and hated by others, Wade Wilson’s story came this year to the movies, after a growing cult of followers around the anti-hero who was born from the pages of’s New mutants.

7-) Age of Apocalypse (1995)

A masterful leap in the pages of the comic books of the time, shows two parallel universes with changes in the timeline of the Marvel universe, from which animated video games and TV series will be based.

6-) The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (1999)

His ascent to glory was almost as fast as the fall of the film, which was made soon based on his characters. Written by Alan Moore, it represented a big step in the idea of taking characters from popular stories and joining them.

5-) The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

All the current Marvel movies revolve around this work of 6 comics, Thanos and his quest for Infinity Gems to try to conquer the universe. Each of the gems has been a factor in films such as ” The Avengers ”, ” Guardians of the Galaxy ” and ” Avengers: Age of Ultron ”.

4-) ‘s Kingdom Come (1996)

Masterfully written and illustrated by Alex Ross, it shows the heroes of DC in a futuristic world full of problems, and on the verge of a conflict between the traditional heroes and those of the new generations.

3-) The Death Of Superman (1992)

Perhaps the most daring movement of all, the death of one of the most iconic characters in the world of comics, hit the entire planet and even was in the headlines of the news.

However, “Superman’s death” in the end would prove to be the largest marketing movement ever made in the middle, because months later the “Man of Steel” would be revived almost magically.

(2-) Spawn (1992)

Todd McFarlane’s masterpiece was the comic of an independent home sold for many years, but the economic empire and the Prestige it gave to Image comics were something no one thought could happen.

From this character, the lines of toys, a film, animated series, but most importantly, the monetary resources for the creation of comics like ” The Walking Dead ” were born.

1-) Harbinger (1992)

Not many know Harbinger, but the revolution that took place in terms of history and the moment it came out, makes it a credit to be considered by specialists and fanatics as the best comic in his decade.

With a story similar to that of X-Men, in which the evolution of humans is imminent, it shows more real situations in its plot. The motives and the way his characters evolved make them more human than the rest of the comics.

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