Dragon Ball Super: A New Warrior is Born! Kefla, the Fusion that Put Goku Against the Ropes

Like every weekend, another chapter of Dragon Ball Super was released. Under the title “The Explosive birth of a new Super warrior!”, this episode showed us the resurgence of one of the most emblematic techniques of anime: Fusion Potara; Which, in addition, was used as a vehicle for the introduction of a new character: Kefla (Kefura).

Caulifla and Kale were still struggling to beat Gokú. While the eldest of the sisters tried to reach the Super Saiyan 3 transformation through this fight, Kale only wanted to become stronger with her most beloved person; However, the power of both was insufficient…

In Gokú technique was widely superior — he was even able to launch a Ki blast with his foot, something never before seen — and although Kale knew how to control the Berserker transformation, similar to the legendary Super Saiyan of Broly, Kakarot’s strength continued to grow Until we reach the stage God.

By that time, there was nothing to be done. Caulifla didn’t represent any challenge and Kale could barely keep up. Gokú leaves the Battle of Kale with a blast directed and, moments later, both are at the mercy of a kame Hame ha of the Saiyan of universe 7. However, the Warriors of Universe 6 had a secret weapon.

Making use of the Potaras earrings previously awarded by Champa, Caulifla and Kale merge giving birth to a new fighter: Kefla. As is usually the case in each Potara fusion, the new warrior adopts the strongest personality of the two people combined and power the power of them to unimaginable levels. In this case, Kefla is able to surpass the speed and strength of a Super Saiyan God, leaving Gokú stunned, who is unable to react in time.

However, such an event might suggest that:

  • Gokú is using this fight to increase his strength and recover the lost energy during his battle with Jiren; What could also indicate because his Super Saiyan phase God is so weak: it still lacks a lot of ki to recover completely and fight 100%.
  • The great priest allowed the use of these elements since they were acquired since before the beginning of the tournament, they are not considered weapons and, in addition, they entertain Zenoh-sama in great way.
  • Kefla would be the third strongest warrior in the tournament, overpassed only by Gokú and Jiren. Although we should see more of it in pursuit of actually checking if it has surpassed Hit and Vegeta.

And you, what do you think about it? What did you think of the merger? Did you like the style and quality of animation present in the chapter? Do you think Kefla will be separate after a few minutes because of his immense power? In fact, do you think they can really separate? Let us not forget that they are struggling in a dimension of emptiness.

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