5 Best Couples in the Anime

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Romance is one of the topics that most often interest in stories, since love never ceases to amaze us. Anime couples can be exaggeratedly pink, but there are also some that can teach us valuable lessons in love and fellowship.

Here we leave a list of 5 of the best couples anime, no specific order.

Morata y Mashiro (Sakura-S no Pet na Kanojo)

Morata is a normal boy and Mashiro a Talentosísima artist with international recognition. However, she depends on the thorough care of the rat, since she does not know how to adapt to society. Although they form a very strange couple, their experiences together will develop a relationship worth admiring.

Syaoran and Sakura (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)

This couple never surrenders in their struggle to be together, no matter if they are divided by dimensions or different worlds, they will continue to fight to keep their love intact. Although it is painful to see its way, it is one of the most admirable couples that exists in the genre.

Bulma and Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

Although we do not know how it happened, no doubt this pair is one of the most iconic couples in the anime, along with their counterparts, Gokú and Milk. Although they are not even on the same planet, Bulma and Vegeta get along very well and know how to handle each other, so they could create a stable and powerful family.

Ren and Nana (Nana)

Despite loving himself deeply, they were forced to separate, since Ren decided to pursue his musical career and Nana was pushed aside to follow his. Both meet their goals, but they are locked in a cycle where they never stop loving each other despite being continually separated by various circumstances, to the point of becoming rivals. His relationship is painful but intense. This makes it one of the most realistic in the anime.

Edward and Winry (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

This couple always showed their affection through the actions they performed on each other. Ed is always protecting Winry while she is aware of his automail and all the maintenance that he needs, as well as worrying a lot about him. In the end, Love is an ‘ equivalent exchange ‘ …

Some of these anime couples are for sighing, crying and admiring. What’s your favorite?

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